Fail Behind the Photo

With so many posed and edited photos, it is easy to forget that travel, like anything else in life, is never perfect. Whether you're laughing with me or at me, enjoy the  gallery of frame-worthy photos that either preceded, followed, or document a total travel fail.

GOPR0553 (2).jpg

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland - March 2017

While this day involved beautiful snorkeling views, it also included getting lost, our car stuck in a snowbank, and being saved by the shovel of a passing Icelandic saint.


Torun, Poland - September 2012

Exploring the ruins of Malbork Castle is all fun and games until the bus driver refuses you entry because you printed out the wrong ticket for the return journey. Eternal gratitude to the woman in line behind me who helped translate and negotiate my trip back to Warsaw.



Prague, Czech Republic - November 2012

This is just one example to stand-in for all the times I've incorrectly navigated public transportation. It happens to all of us.


Memphis, Tennessee - February 2017

Sometimes the fail of the day is a story or event that happened off-camera. And, sometimes, you are the fail that ruins what would otherwise be a perfect shot.