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Small Town Spotlight: Rhode Island Highlights

Small Town Spotlight: Rhode Island Highlights

While I love trips to huge cities or faraway lands, I also find myself constantly falling in love with small towns. Whether you’re looking for a weekend trip or a stop on a road trip, Small Town Spotlights is a collection of my favorite hamlets across the country.

The fact that Rhode Island is unusually small for a state means that we were able to cover more ground in a shorter period of time. Instead of dedicating posts to each individual town, here is a grouping of some of my favorite small towns and highlights, all of which could easily be visited in one day.


Cliff Walk

You may be wondering if this is a joke or if I’m actually telling you to walk off a cliff. And the answer is yes. Just kidding. The Cliff Walk is a path the winds around the Eastern Shore and passes by all the mansions that you will most likely never see the inside of. (If you ever do get a chance, make sure to take me with you!) The Cliff Walk is definitely popular, but make sure to take your patience along with your camera, and you’ll be fine. Walk far enough that you get to the Forty Steps, which is a staircase (consisting of forty steps) that leads down to the rocks and a closer view of the ocean. Free and fun, this will definitely be the cheapest thing you do in Newport.



Presidential Phone Call

Thankfully I often travel with friends and loved ones who are just as weird as I am. So, when my compatriots heard that there was a sign marking the spot where President Rutherford B. Hayes took the first presidential phone call from Alexander Graham Bell,  they were happy to help me find it. Located in Rocky Point Park, make sure to also enjoys the views of the water while you’re sign hunting. I highly recommend going at golden hour, the view is gorgeous.

Rocky Point


Since you’re already in Warwick chasing down Rutherford B. Hayes, you may as well sit by the Narragansett Bay and have some fried seafood. Either eat there or take it to eat on Oakland Beach, Iggy’s was a perfect lunch choice. (They also have a location in Narragansett.) I thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips, and our group also endorses the calamari. Iggy’s is also famous for their doughboys, which is essentially fried dough and sugar. Obviously you should get those too.



Wish List:


Tomaquag Museum

The greatest disappointment of our trip was that the Tomaquag Museum was closed for the holiday season. (We visited between Christmas and New Years.) A museum with a long history, the Tomaquag’s current mission is to educate the public on Native history and also current issues. The museum gets excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and it is at the top of my list for whenever I get back to Rhode Island.


Do you have a favorite little town in Rhode Island? Let me know!


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