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Road Trip Route: Philly to Little Rock (Part 2)

Road Trip Route: Philly to Little Rock (Part 2)

Day 3

Frankfort, KY to Louisville, KY

If you followed out itinerary, you’ve been on the road for an exhausting day and a half. Enjoy sleeping in a little bit (and breakfast at The Meetinghouse B&B, if you’re lucky) before heading out to Louisville. It’s only an hour drive, so enjoy a quick jaunt through the Kentucky countryside.

Zachary Taylor Cemetery

You may not be the obsessive presidential enthusiast that I am. And, if that’s true, you can feel free to skip the Taylor Cemetery. It is a small, but beautiful military cemetery tucked away in suburban Louisville. If you do feel like making a stop to see our 12th president, he is interred in the large mausoleum at the back at the plot. You can’t miss it. Walk around back and see his original tomb built into a small hill.


Muhammad Ali Boyhood Home

Before researching this trip, I had no idea that one of Louisville’s claims to fame is heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. Since it opened at 10 am, the boyhood home seemed like the perfect place to start our morning that would include two other Ali themed sites. Looking back, I’m still not sure how the confusion happened, but we waited almost a half hour and no one showed up to open the museum. They recently completed a huge restoration project, including a new website, and we did not contact them ahead of our arrival, so I’m willing to chalk it up to bad timing and have no hard feelings. The next time we go to Louisville, we will definitely get in touch with them to ensure a tour. Even if the museum is not open, the house is accessible from the street with a historical sign outside, although the bright pink exterior is probably a more effective marker.


Cave Hill Cemetery

People always comment on our proclivity for visiting at least one cemetery on our travels. While it isn’t a requirement for any of our trips, if there is someone notable buried nearby, we will certainly visit. This trip was a little different because not only did we have a few gravesites on our itinerary, but one was especially important. Once he heard the Colonel Sanders (yes, the colonel of KFC fame) was buried in Cave Hill, Alex asked if he could get a bucket of chicken to bring along with us out of respect. While getting to the nearest KFC was more challenging that I would’ve guessed thanks to some oddly placed one-way roads, we did eventually procure the food and make it to the cemetery. The picture below speaks for itself. Muhammad Ali is also buried in this cemetery on a beautiful hill that overlooks the water, so make sure to stop by on your way out.

I'm still not sure if this is the highest form of respect or sacriledge

I'm still not sure if this is the highest form of respect or sacriledge

(Note: Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis is also buried at the University of Louisville Law School, in case you care. After learning about Brandeis’ contributions to the rights of privacy and law, we decided a quick stop was warranted.)

Muhammad Ali Center

By far, the best thing we did in Louisville was the Muhammad Ali Center. An interactive museum that tells the story of his boxing career, it also expertly weaves in his life and the cultural moment he lived in. As someone who really didn’t know that much about Ali, this museum was aesthetically interesting and full of information. Normally I am hesitant to visit (or recommend) museums with double digit price tags as their costs can add quickly over the course of a trip, but this one was worth it.


Louisville, KY to Nashville, TN

Before you start planning this part of your trip, know that you will be crossing time zones in roughly the middle of Kentucky. It took us far too long to remember that time zones exist. (Call us East Coast snobs, assuming everyone is on Eastern Time.) The trip from Louisville to Nashville takes about three hours, but, lucky for all of us, the perfect pit stop exists about two-thirds of the way to Nashville.

White Squirrel Brewery

Located in Bowling Green, KY, you want to stop and have a snack at White Squirrel. A little place with eclectic and rustic touches, their menu is unique enough to make the stop worthwhile, but not so unique as to scare off fussy eaters, like myself.


Nashville, TN

To save everyone the time of having to read (or scroll aimlessly) through an entire list of my Nashville favorites, I’ve written a separate post. Head there for my favorite Music City stops.

Here's a shot of downtown Nashville to pique your interest

Here's a shot of downtown Nashville to pique your interest

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My Favorite Things: Memphis, TN

My Favorites Things: Nashville, TN

My Favorites Things: Nashville, TN