Hi, I'm Dylan! And, I am that friend.


And, of course, this is my travel partner, photographer, and the 'we' in most of my blog posts, Alex.

The friend that has to check their planner whether you're asking about plans for next week or next year. Who has already read the reviews for next week's brunch spot. Who always has a back-up happy hour selection. (And, if you don't have one of these friends - now you do!)

Instead of finding adventure in spite of having an itinerary, I find inspiration and wonder inside it. I plan my trips to minimize transportation confusion, inaccessible accommodations, and other things that waste previous travel moments. A little research before means more time eating, drinking, and sight-seeing your way through a new city.

My favorite travel sites usually involve historical importance, cultural obscurity, or free entry, but the one thing I always look for is the unexpected.

Never again find yourself at home post-trip, wishing you'd known about that hidden gem. Let me find it for you. I'm always ready to share my journey, whether it is across town or across the world.